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Arctic Submarine Fiber, LLC

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Arctic Submarine Fiber, LLC– Our Story

Formed in 2019, and incorporated in 2020, Arctic Submarine fiber was formed to answer the specific need of providing the lowest latency, highest quality fiber system between Europe and the West Coast of the USA, and between Europe and Asia.  We are a multifaceted fiber deployment and maintenance company that uses the most modern technological advancements to deploy and maintain submarine fiber systems.  Arctic Submarine Fiber is the umbrella of two distinct companies.  An arctic subpolar, low latency, fiber system and a multifunctional, hybrid submarine company.

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Our Technology –
Arctic Subpolar Fiber System

Key Features and Benefits

  • High bandwidth – 1000Tbps per fiber x 10 fibers.

  • Low latency – transit reduction of 125ms.

  • Secure – Outside of shipping and fishing lanes

  • Rapid Turnaround Capability - if you can get a cross connect to a core node we can bring you live!

  • Ability to grow with you.

Arctic Submarine Fiber,LLC has designed the lowest latency, shortest route between the European continent and the far east.  This fiber is for both commercial and military applications.  The route connects the Alaska North Slope to the Northern coast of Ireland, with a branching unit and fiber to Tuktoyaktuk, and a branching unit to Thule Greenland.  The system also has an opportunity to reach Svalbard Norway for additional low latency transport for the bandwidth needs to the satellite downlinks.  By reducing the distance data must travel to the markets in Japan, Hong Kong and China by 1758 miles, the theoretical latency reduction is 125ms.

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Our Deployment System –
A Patented Multifunctional, Hybrid Submarine

Key Features and Benefits

  • Most advance submarine in its class

  • Modular cargo design.

  • Highspeed surface operations

  • 600 meters/1000 ft dive floor.

  • Commercial and military applications

  • Rapid deployment and up to 3 week, 3000 mile subsurface mission envelope.

  • Standard crew compliment of 10.

Arctic Submarine Fiber’s patented RNTL-X04 multi-role surface vessel/submarine is an adaptation of the best in class submarine technology with a clean sheet of paper for the modular cassette design.  By adapting a highspeed surface design, modular cassette and mission critical submarine utility, the patented RNTL-X04 is designed to initially sound the bottom, second, lay the fiber and then finally, serve as the maintenance vessel for the fiber.

Home: Our Technology

A Patented Multifunctional, Hybrid Submarine -
Additional Functions

In addition to serving the maintenance needs of the arctic subpolar fiber, because the RNTL-X04 can maintain station 500 to 1,000 feet below the surface, the vessel can maintain any subsea fiber system in any type of weather conditions. 
Similarly, because the payload area of the RNTL-X04 is modular, the cargo bay can be used for military applications (sensitive cargo transport) or as a weapons platform.

Home: Our Technology

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